1. Family Therapy
Incorporates the natural or substitute family as the means to facilitate positive family
interactions among individuals. The recipient does not need to be present for
family therapy services, however, the services must deal with issues relating to the
constructive integration/re-integration of the recipient into the family.

2. Group Therapy
Utilizes the interactions of more than one individual, (or a couple) and the focus of the group to address behavioral health needs and interpersonal relationships. Group therapy

may focus on the skill development for learning new coping skills; such as stress

reduction or changing maladaptive behaviors like anger with anger management.

3. Individual Therapy Services
Are provided to a specific recipient for a presenting need by an individual therapist.  This is one on one therapy tailored to the specific needs of the individual.

4. Play Therapy

Can be done when the individual’s needs cannot be met through the normal level of interaction between he or she and the therapist.  Play therapy uses the addition of special devices, equipment, instruments, games, or people to overcome presenting barriers to the theraputic interaction between the individual and the therapist.

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