Rehabilitation Services

Basic Skills Training (BST)

Basic Skills Training (BST) services are intended to be “rehabilitative”.  This means the treatment interventions are designed to reduce cognitive and behavioral deficiencies and return clients to their highest level of functioning.
BST service providers work in collaboration with the mental health professionals who create the clients’ individualized treatment plan.  BST service providers help clients develop effective skills and strategies through positive reinforcement, modeling, and other evidence-based training techniques.  BST is a community-based program, and services are delivered in locations which are most suitable to effectively achieve treatment goals.
BST services include the following components: Basic Living & Self-care, Social Skills, Communication Skills, Organization & Time Management, Transitional Living Skills, and Parent Training Skills.

Psycho-Social Rehabilitation (PSR)

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) services are also “rehabilitative” services, which means these services are designed to restore clients to their highest level of functioning. PSR services can be delivered in the client’s home or in community-based locations. Clients learn how to implement skills to better manage their anger, express frustrations verbally, improve conflict resolution, and manage their behavioral reactions to achieve positive outcomes.
Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) services will improve the clients’ performance in the following areas: Behavioral Management, Social Competency, Problem Identification & Resolution, Effective Communication, Moral Reasoning, Self-Sufficiency, Life Goals, and Sense of Humor.